Gabriel LN is a Mexican filmmaker based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Gabriel owns and operates Cut:Thru Media, a digital media agency dedicated to creating video and photo for clients spanning from commercial to industrial companies, small businesses, musicians, live events, and many more. His work is continually searching for unique ways to tell whatever the story may be. To him, it doesn’t matter if the project is about a warehouse or a pet, there’s always a story to be told. His fascination for the camera started when he was in high-school, a hobby which would eventually evolve into his two biggest passions — photography and filmmaking. 


Gabriel’s roles in productions are mainly directing, filming, editing, and coloring. Having to create visual concepts, with a strong focus on story, for clients in such a wide spectrum has allowed Gabriel to continually improve his skills, blending a bit of every style into his work to bring something unique to life every time. He has directed various music videos for Canadian artists, shot a variety of short films as well as documentaries, and edited countless types of video projects.